Thursday, February 28, 2008

Curtin Life

Start feel that engineering 1st year will be quite challenging especially the engineering mechanic. Wow...guess i have to start study hard n bia for my future. Today, i have full day lecture at Curtin. As a result, i had my lunch at cafeteria. I went to every stall to look for the foods for my lunch.. I saw that " 2 vege-Rm3.00, 1vege,1 meat-Rm3.00....." Wow, the price is not cheap,is comparable to price of economic rice in Asia Cafe and green shop. I think i would rather choose to drive out for lunch next time.Hehe..Oya, i realize that there's lots of holiday in Curtin. One week holidays each in Mac and April, June one month holidays, August one week, Oct one week and end of year three months. Wow, in total, there will be five months holidays in a year. Sounds it's a quite relaxing life.i hop so..Wad do u tin?hehe..kla..til here la..duno wad else should i write. Oya,chia sin Complain my blog is too empty. Dun worry, i will put more effort on it. Wait i have hp with camera den i will upload photos here.hehe..Tat's all..Ciao.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

1st day blogging

harlo all..never think that i will start blogging. Maybe blogging will become apart of my life since today.1st day blogging,i don't plan to write a lot.Nothing special happens today.My only lecture today is from 4.00-5.00pm. 1st study week in Curtin makes me feel that uni life is more relax than secondary and pre-u life. Life is quite boring. Sometimes i will prefer a busy life rather than a boring life. Something happens during my badminton time tonight. My racket is broken. I used it for almost three years already. Maybe it's a sight that i should buy a new one already. See,there's reli nt much thing happen today. Boring right?Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
That's all for tonight. Wish everyone has a nice sleep and have a wonderful tomorrow.Bye.