Monday, March 24, 2008


Haiz...Sick d.sien le..Sore throat.. i hate it.. Even eat,drink olso pain le..
Nw even wen talk da pronounciation olso nt accurate liaw..haiz...So frens, anytings msg me, dun cal me..thankx..

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Holiday starts

Yo..sorry for so late update my blog ya.I went to Kuching wif my dad from wed til sat...

Let's c wad hv i done for last few days..


I nit to stay in Curtin fr 8.30-5pm...everything is jux normal todayJux i didnt hv da mood to study liaw since it's da last day for me before holidays.Holiday starts..til next week..Hehe..At nite, i went for dinner wif my aunty n uncle from Kuching.After tat i had second round wif PAmela, Jeffrey n Siao Fong..Since PAmela is goin to Kl on 19/3, so we went to Suncity for a drink.Guess wad, i ordered a bottle of TIGER.Share wif Pamela..Cost me Rm8 man..But once in a blue month is ok..i tin..hehe..We chit chat thr til ten o'clock..It's stil early but i still hav early flight on second day..AFter reached hom,i stil nit to packed my luggage to Kuching.


My flight was at 8 o'clock but i had to wake up at six..Send my bro to skul..I nit to b bro's driver since i came back to Miri..Honestly, wake up too early is reli suffer..Reli hop he could get license n drive to skul by his own..Den i wil b more free..

In Kuching, i can described my life as EAT EAT EAT..a lot....For three days, i was too full after too full is suffer olso...Guess i will be havier after back miri..Oya..i went to da spring in Kuching..Well, it's jux lik a small Midveally..da Desgisn is almost thr..but da size is much smaller than midveally..I heard my Cousin said tat thr wil b a new Golden Screen Cinema thr soon...Reli hop tat miri wil hv Golden screen cinema soon..Cinema here reli suck is compare wif KL...hehe...On Fri, i went sao mu wif my dad, my uncle n my aunties..Well, we had three places to go...N one of da place takes around 2 hours drive from Kuching City...WEather was hot man...i got sunburnt....

I was back on Sat morning..Reached Miri around 8am...damn tired...I hav been wake up around 5 o'clock continuously f 4 days.Spending my time to rest n sleep..tat's y lazy to update my blog yesterday..At nite,went out wif Mau richard lee moi them.. We went to MArina's nice place to go..Especially for couple...But too bad,,i m stil single..

Today is Sunday..I woke up around 6am...It can b considered as early olso...But i can say tat it is worth...Guess wil hv a happy day today..Comin one week wil b holiday..PLan to make it nt a borin week..Hop i can do it..hehe..

Kla..til here la..Ciao...wil update again soon...

Monday, March 17, 2008

1st day of the week

today, i only hav my only lesson fr 5.30-6.30pm..Seen it is quite suang rite?honestly, i dun lik tis type of timetable...Wasting my whole day..i rather to hv a pack timetable as i had in ch n taylor last year..but many ppl told me tat uni life is usually lik tis...mayb it's true..wad can i do?jux try to accept it slowly lo..
Noon time, i went lunch wif pamela n eileen at double star. Da foods thr is still accepttable..After tat, we went to chung hua to tak our spm real cert while eileen is going to make her testimoial.
In da skul, ms tiong complaint on my it tat bad?compare to previous me, which one is better?wad do u all tin?
Well, eileen asked me to write a draft commend on her to ms tiong.'s a hard work..hehe..I wrote sum real n sum nt real facts inside..We spent two hours thr n we got our cert n eileen got her testi done..jx left for pic..Eileen, u own me one meal ya..hehe..
After tat i fetch my bro n eileen back..As she had another date at three o'clock..After got my bag fr my house, pamela n i went to boulevard. she went to collect da broucher. Guess wad i did?i went to buy a birthday card and a pen fr union. I wrote her birthday card at boulevard food court.hehe..
After both of us had done our things, we went to eat ice-cream n shopping with her RM50 broucher. Thr we met Pn Rita, my history teacher in Ch, i noe wad she was thinking wen she saw us..Nvm..forget it..WE r used to it seen form five..
We left Boulevard around 5.10pm n my class starts at 5.30pm. i rush to Pujut 7 and rush to Curtin again.Wen i reach her house, it's already 5.20pm. She told me tat she own me a meal if i late..Lastly, i was late for 4 minutes..Pamela,..i rmb...a meal oh..Dun forget..hehe..
After my dinner tonite, i nit to rush my Principle project.seen it's done but thr are stil lot to do..i fnhed it at 10 o'clock..I duno our poject left out anything o nt..dun k d..tired..wad i can say is we try our best...hopefully it will be ok la..
Oya..nit clarify sumtin..mayb many ppl wil tin tat me n pamela pakto..but,honestly, we r reli vy vy gd frens only..dun misunderstand ya...
tat's all for today la...

Saturday, March 15, 2008


It's Sat today.Normaly, i could sleep lik nobody business until 9 or 10am..
HAiz..da princple project makes me wake up at eight. I had a group meeting in Curtin tis moring.Bt da Principle project, seen everything should be ok..i Hop it wil go on smoothly..
I reached hom around 12noon..believe o nt?for whole afternoon, i spent my time to decorate my blog..Well. it's quite a nice way to spend my time...I think i would update my blog more aften in comin days. Even Lii Chyuan already starts blogging.Can't lose to him.hehe...Lc n me ever say tat we would never write blog lik wan sin, Cia Ching them..But nw, it shows tat nothing is impossible.
Mayb sumtime we r confident tat we wont never do o never change our decision on sumtin,but frens, anytin is possible to happens in tis world.Dun overconfident in anything.
I went for badminton fr 5-7pm...Reli..tonite reli no wind for badminton...Smash nt sharp,nt powerful, net ball always miss, while servising always too high o short..haiz..Feel tired,but nt reli fun...
For my dinner, i had bbq chicken wings..LEt's tin back my life in KL last year..Probably i wil only hav fried rice or chicken rice for dinner..It's a big different rite??Life in Miri is gd but i reli wil get fatter here.I think i nit to do more exercise to keep fit..However, stil miss life in kl..even it's borin,eveyrthin hv to depend myself, it's stil type of enjoy. My housemates last year: Brian is in Adelaide nw, David in IMU, Kai Seng in Tasmania, Geoffery Tin in ANU..I guess all of u r enjoying ur life outside.Life wif u all last year is reli nice..Thankx for it...Z22o..MiSS u a lot..

Friday, March 14, 2008


Today, i had my only lesson fr 10-12noon. After tat i went for lunch wif lc n bc.

After tat, lc n i went to boulevard to buy sumtin. Spending around one hour finally found wad i wan to buy..hehe..After tat, we went to eat ice wif Wan Sin n Cia Ching at the shop Opposite Petronas Station.

At nite, i followed my dad to listen an investment by Standard Chater bank.But no use, no money to invest.hehe..

Feel tat today is nt a happy day.An unexpected Friday..


Jux came back fr outside..HAv been continous goin out for few days d.
Tonite, i went dinner wif linda,richard,lee moi n one more guy(sorry i cant rmb da name)hehe..We went Miri cafe.Wow,price thr reli not low. I ordered vanila milk shake and mix grills..Cost me around Rm30.Cool..However, i'm reli full. I'm sure anyone hu tries it will feel da same.Linda is goin to Adelaide to tak Nursing course.So,gd luck to her..All da best ya..After dinner thr, me, richard,lee moi n Linda went to Suncity to hv our second round. However, we only ordered drink thr. We leave Suncity around 11.30pm..Drg our chitchat thr, i ever ask tat "is it da right choice for me to come back Curtin for my degree program?" Wen i see frens go out study one by one, i ever ask myself wil i regret for nt goin out to continue my further study?tis question appears in my mind since i enter Curtin. Well, til nw thr's stil no specific answer yet. Mayb it's a right choice or it is a wrong choice. But, as i decide to study here, thr's no reverse anymore. Decide d,should do my best in my study here.
Tis few days, many hw n projects hav come to us. Da most annoying n most sien is da Pricinple project. We were assigned in group n nit to design a bridge in three weeks. In da begining we tot tat we only nit pass up da drawing part n specification part nia. Til yesterday, i saw my fren's work, 45 pages...45 pages's a lot..I tot is only 2 pages n nw it's 45/2 = 22.5 22.5 times le..n our due date wil b on next mon(17/3). We jux hv a basic concept wad we nit to do today. ..Excellers group..Hopefully we can do it la..jia u..
Oya.Spm result is out d. Time is flying. Stil rmb last year wen spm result came out, all of us gin tio lik, for those hu get gd result, congratulation..Those hu didnt do well,dun giv up.Spm i jux a small part in life.There r stil many challenges we nit to face in our life.Only challenging life make one grows up..
Kla..stil nit to do my project..At last, my busy life start..
Bye n Ciao...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tis Week Program

Long time din update my blog lo.Many frens complain d.but bo bian la..i m nt gd in writing.
Well,tis week, my frens(wan sin,Lii Chyuan) r in Miri. So, my life wont b borin.hehe..Let me list out my activity tis few days:
Last Sat- gathering at Yeng Nee's house as usual at nite
Last Sun- play kites n tak pics at Explanade wif wan sin n lii chyuan,gathering at LC's
Tis mon- Yeng Nee's Birthday celebration
Tis TUes- Playing badminton wif Lii Chyuan,Boon chen,Ben,my dad,...
Tis wed -goin for movie(as planned)
Tis thurs- farewell for Linda

Tat's wad i hv for tis week.Not bad rite??tonite i m damn tired.Play for few games at badminton court. Tired but fun. However,cant b in perfect condition tonite. I realize tat i reli cant eat before go for badminton. Wil feel heavy n bo lat. Tis sports has followed me for ten years. I reli lik it. can consider as my second life.
Oya.SPm result is comin out tml. For those hu were in form five last year, gd luck to u all..Wish u all get ur aims from da result slips.
Ok..tat's all for nite...

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Harlo..Chia Sin complain my blog is too empty bian la..nth much to upload here..hehe..Sat nite, i went to BN's dinner wif my dad..Wow,there were many ppl tat nite Around 500 tables so around 5000 ppl la..But, da foods r nt so nice. We leave halfway cox scare traffic jam. After tat, my frens' families(lc's parents,yn's family, Chai's family, chia sin's parents) came my house to drink n karaok. I think they have gathering like this since last year, after i went to kl. Seen they r getting closer n closer. I think it's good. They can have more fun n reduce stress..hehe..The gathering ended around 12.30am this morning. Cool....Everyboy has fun n i was da one hu became da Dj. Tonite, i went to Rocket's talk at Beijing Seafood Restaurant wif my dad. There was lots of ppl but it rains suddenly. So, my dad n i also left earlier. I got some Rocket newspaper. This year, da competition is quite interesting between Bn n Rocket in Miri. But i still cant vote..haiz..After i got hom jux saw my timetable.Haiz..i would describe it as Luan 78 Zao.. there's too many break time between each class. Makes me cant back hom earlier.OKla..til here got class again..Gd nite to everyone..Hv a nice 1st week in Mac2008.