Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm back

Yo all..sorry for nt updating my blog for so long..Everyone is complaining bt my blog..
Well, nothing much important happens on me tis few weeks.Few days ago, i went for parttime job..PC fair..It's tiring but i gain experience. I experience da feeling as worker.Seriously, it's nt easy. If u ask me whether i regret to tak tis parttime job o nt?honestly, 50 50...It's jux Rm50 per day n i hav to work hard as a cow..However, i gain and understand sumtin..At least i noe tat i hv da potential to b a salesman..hehe..

Other than that, nothing special happens in my life.. Life jx goin on normally. Study, rush for assignment, Watching tv,..My holiday starts tis week. I tin tis is da only week i can relax before my Semester break in June..After holidays, i wil hv lots of assignment to rush, few exam to face..I tin most of us will having busy time in comin few months. So work hard together n we gonna meet again in June holidays.. My best frens(Chen Pong,Lii Chyuan,Wan sin,Chia Sin, David...n others), i wait for u all to come back miri. I guess we will hv great time drg tis comin holiday in June.

A long blog wil bring borin feeling..So, i would stop here la..Oya, plan to get a new phone..I wan to get a 5M camera, 3G and wireless hp..So,frens,any suggestion pls tel me ya.. hop i can get a new hp soon den i could put my daily pics in blog..hehe..