Saturday, June 6, 2009

Finally...I'm Back!!!

Hello everyone.Finally i m back to update my blog.I guess my blog is dead for more than half year.Nvm, I'm goin to bring it back start from today. Well, i am having my semester break at Miri now.It is six weeks long. Well, it is quite boring since most of my friends are not in Miri now and those who are studying at Curtin are having exam period tis two weeks. Except Chen Pong, luckily he is the one who is jobless and free all the time.Hehe.No offence ya. Oya, congrates him for getting the offer from Hong Kong U and NUS for medicine. Bro,told you already, you sure will get it and u deserved it. Ok,come back to my holidays. Basically, what i did everyday are sleeping, eating, watching series, sports, msging, yam cha and daydreaming. It continues from day to day, hopefully i will hv more meaningful activities to do during this holiday. So friends, any suggestions for me please do tell me ya. Save me.haha..Well, i'll talk give some summary for my past half year life. Well, 1st year second semester at UTP, i experienced a lot of things and a lot of first time.I actually started my 1st relationship during this semester and i experienced da feeling of break up as well. I went for parttime job during mid-sem break. 1st time been and drive to cameron highland,Bukit Merah and Taiping Zoo. 1st time having a awesome trip with a group of owesome people. And for this semester, i think i am hardworking enough in my studies.Going to change my attitude next semester. Well, I would say that i did experience happy and sad moments. Anyway, i gained lot of experiences and i never regret wad had i gone through. Okla, i think i would stop here and i will upload lots of pics in my next post.Ciaoz...


PaMiLo^^ said...

u really making a summary la~
compressed n straight to the point~

Anonymous said...

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