Monday, July 21, 2008

2nd day officially uni life in UTP

yo,i m nw online, check mail,chatting at IRC in UTP.cant online at my hostel cox thr is no wireless service.Tat's wad i hate da most.
Basically, i m vy eng today cox there is no any tut class n lab for 1st two weeks.
I woke up at 9.30am tis morning. After took my breakfast, i go to IRC for whole day.
N i m goin to play badminton at 4 o'clock later..
My uni life is borin n sound nt fun rite??nvm.i wil get used to it..
For foods, i can say that thr's totally no chinese foods here..Everyday hv to suffer for malay foods..
look forward to go back miri..i Miz miri.
Miz my parents,my bro,my family in miri..
miz my gang of frens in miri..I reli miz u all a lot..
Hop all of u doin great n tak k always.
I wil b back soon in Sept..


James said...

donuts.... donuts... dunuts.. dunkin donutz... or whatever will do.. hehe

chyuan said...

mind your words man, what suffer malay food.. should say enjoy mouth-watering malay cuisine.. wah, suddenly got so many posts.. i can hardly post now le.. too busy..

Ning W. said...

Oh, you got a blog.
Well, just want to bid you "Welcome to UTP." need miss home so much bah.
Some even don't go home due to some events, conference, activities or competition during holidays. (I'm one of them)Lol.
Just have a nice time here.