Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One month in UTP already

wow..time is flying.i had been staying in UTP for one month since 12JULY 2008.
Well, basically, my life here is stil fine. Beside studying, i always go for sports(badminton, gym,swimming). Hopefully can keep fit here..hehe
Other than tat, i did went to Ipoh sometime. Rent car n go wif frens. But it costs a lot as we nit to pay da rental n petrol. RM6 per hour for proton wira, Rm5 per hour for kancil. N around RM25 is needed for petrol to go IPOH. UTP is jux lik as isolated uni in da jungle.. I reli hop tat UTP is situated sumwhr at KL,. den my life wil b much more better.
Weekend here is reli damn boring. Lot of students here wil choose to go home. Reli jealous them, 1-2 hours den can reached hom while i stil nit to tak flight to go home.
I look forwards to go back to Miri.. 27's comin soon..
Oya, i jux change my digi plan to d-campus plan. 15cents for everycal. N after use Rm1 for calling per day, den the following cal rate to all digi no wil b free.. IS it worth?hopefully i din make a wrong deision to change fr mtv powerpack..
Tat's all for tis post. Wil post soon..ciaoz..

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