Friday, October 3, 2008

Some pics of my life in UTP

mooncake drg mooncake festival..hehe..
The most famous Nga Coi Kai at Ipoh..NT bad..da taste is qutie gd
Joel n me( taken in Tong Soi Gai)
Mei Yun, Mei Li,me,Joel n JV(taken in Ipoh PArade)
Ming Chen, me, Mei Li n Debbie(taken drg convo fair..i worked as yellow army..tired but quite fun le..hehe)
zap guo xue in ipoh
da car we rent drg pc fair
One of da famous building in UTP..look great rite?
Kancil 850..quite nice to drive actually.hehe
taken in front of chancellor hall

Pic tok wif our static lecturer, Miss How drg her last lecture wif us
"Zap Guo Xue" in Tong soi gai, Ipoh..Look nice rite??I quite lik it cox not fattening n it is healty food..Dont u tin so??
Fr da left, Joel, Chee Hui, Henry n Simon(my roomate)
Wow,can u gues how much is it??only RM3.50 for each plate.. Da cheapest quantity economic rice i ever ate. I eat til my mouth tired le.. It's one of da coffeshop at Mengembu
Taken drg PC fair at Ipoh.look thinner ma??haha.but everybody said my face din thin a lot.stil look more o less the same..haiz....

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